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 Posted: Sep 6 2015, 06:35 PM
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    Su? Super? Superpowers!? Did you just say super powers? Yes in fact I did. However with strong powers come great responsibilities and weaknesses. Here on IN LIGHT OF SHADOW, our superpowers are genetically based rather than magically given. At least at this time. This small tidbit contains all the information needed about powers.


    To be honest there are no powers that are going to be directly banned. I want people to be creative as possible. Think of something interesting make the admins and moderators who will review your characters to say "Oh that is a pretty interesting power, that I would have never thought about". If you don't want to be as creative as possible that is perfectly fine, just make us say WOW!

    Yeah it said previously that no powers are going to be directly banned. But I do have one power that isn't allowed and that is Immortality. Sorry. It sucks I know. Deal with it. Also, no aliens at this time. Go home Starfire and Superman.... you too Doctor Strange. No Occult based powers at this time.


    Every hero has had a weakness. Be it something small like a an immense fear or something, or an object, or an Achilles's Heel. Or something complex. However if it complex PLEASE make it something reasonable.

    Here are some sites that provide a good list of super powers and examples of superheroes who use them.

    Super Power List
    Super Power List 2

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