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 The Rules
 Posted: Sep 6 2015, 06:26 PM
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    Alright! Registering should be easy, quick, and (hopefully) painless, so follow these simple rules and we won't have to use some sort of medieval torture device on you. Please make an OOC account with your nickname as a 'parent' for all of your character accounts. Click on the 'ACCOUNT' button at the top of the page to register. Its a nifty way of keeping the forum clean and making sure that you've read the rules. When registered please use this form: FIRST AND LAST NAME IN ALL CAPS. Easy, right? Nothing too fancy. But, if you do mess up, just PM one of the staff, and we'll fix it in a jiffy! Avatars are 250x350.


    So, this is kind of a given answer. The rating on here is rated R or 3/2/3 for reasons such as vulgarity, possible violence, sexual content - basically anything that the movies rate it to be. That being said, it doesn't mean that you can curse every two words or be completely vulgar; it just means that you can have more adult content - within reason, of course. Having a mature rating means that this site will contain sexual references, cursing, some triggering content. If you have a thread that has sexual references or content, we'd appreciate it if you'd put a [M] at the beginning of the thread topic title, just so those who read through threads and don't want to read things like that can avoid them. If you are vehemently against more mature themes, this site is probably not for you.


    We don't have a limit on how many characters you can have. However, we also don't want you to have 203957209357 characters to the point where you can't keep them all relatively active. We'd much rather you have one or two characters who are very round and dynamic versus six or seven characters are very flat and static. Remember people have multiple traits that go with their personalities.

    Also, every character can't be the most amazing person ever or the most perfect. No Sues, no Garys, no super special little snowflakes. People have flaws, and readers like reading the different faults of people and how they develop and react to those faults. Also, your Supers must have a weakness, be it from the simplest thing like a fear of the word "moist" or something complex. Just mention it in their history. Currently, we have a max of three powers per super and try to keep them balance, only one OP power per person. However be reasonable, your character's weakness must be something that can be used against him in the current time period. Also, for play bys, they MUST be photos of models or celebrities over the age of 18. No cartoon pbs at this time.

    If your WIP has been sitting for longer than two weeks without notice or explanation via PM, we will move it to the Graveyard. If you want it moved back all you need to do is ask.


    Here at In Light of Shadow we don't have a word count. We just ask that you give the person who are role playing with something to interact with. For example if they give you an extremely detailed post that is novel worthy try your best and give them your best work.

    We DATE our threads here, meaning all threads must be time stamped in the opening post. Its simply, just post MONTH,YEAR and if you know the day, go for it. This isn't that big of a deal but keeps us from having one thread in Summer, and another set at a Christmas party.

    Also here at ILoS we will have monthly activity checks. And if you do not reply to the activity check your characters will be archived. In other words they will go into the deep dark cave that is the filing cabinet. Character's do not like going there, its scary and dark and they get sad when they're in the dark. So keep active and they won't have to go there. As well as the activity check, any account that has less than one post and more than 10 days since the last activity will be deleted.


    Sweet and to the point. Respect. Got it? Respect your fellow role players. Respect your admins, especially those guys. Next keep the advertising out of the Cbox! Its not nice to advertise in there. I will hunt you down do the ultimate advertisement, and brand ILoS on your forehead. Cause essentially that is what you're doing to us if you advertise in our Cbox. Try not to make assumptions about other people. We all come from different walks of life. Don't assume gender, sexual preference, or mental/physical ability. The member directory is a great resource for getting an idea of a member's gender identity/preferred pronouns. You look like a real jerk when you make assumptions about other people's lives OOC so just don't do it. It's also not cool to shame people for their want ads or the kind of ships/plotting they are doing. This stuff should really not even need to be said but we've seen it before.


    Last but not least. Have fun. That's important. The most important part actually. Now go out there. Strap on those boots, clip on that cape, and put that mask on and find who you truly are!.

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