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 The Plot
 Posted: Sep 6 2015, 06:21 PM
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Throughout the United Sates, superhumans are being forced to stand in line and reveal their secrets. There are a few safe havens; Wyoming, Alaska... and New York. Thusly, supers have descended upon New York City, seeking to maintain normal lives... until Federal Registration passed.

While many just want the simple things; a family, a home, good coffee, and a stiff drink, there are those who are fighting.

Led by the Guardian Angel, the Legends fight for Equality and Civil rights through the system. They work for the government, register, and show they aren’t a threat to society and hope for court orders and Civil Rights Acts. The Syndicate, however, follows the philosophy of the shadowy Domovoy and rejects the ‘Ordinary’ government . They fight to carve out a world of their own… starting with New York.

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