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 Posted: Sep 6 2015, 09:13 PM
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    Q. What year does this take place?
    A. Modern Day

    Q. Where does this take place?
    A. Anywhere you would like it to. But the main focus is on New York City

    Q. What's with the * in the canon list?
    A. Those denote canons who are important to the plot or have wanted ads out for them or have unchangeable play bys.

    Q.Do the average civilians know about superheroes?
    A. Of course! They're heroes after all!

    Q. So... Rogue = Villain?
    A. Not really. They're more like Freelance, unwilling to work for the Legends or the Syndicate. Most of them just live 'normal' lives and fly around on the weekends.

    Can I make an original character?
    A. Go for it. The more the merrier, just don't steal a canon pb.

    Can I change a canon pb?
    A. Yup! Just make sure to notify an admin on the change. We do ask that they stay somewhat similar as we've put a great deal of thought into each but understand that some faces just don't speak to everyone.. Some cannot be changed and they will be marked with a *.

    Why are some canon's black and white?
    That means they're taken :]

    Anything else? Feel free to ask!

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