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Oct 4 2015, 01:51 PM
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<div class="apnam">Ralph Maxwell</div>

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Can you fill this silence?

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Basic Information::

<br>Age: 18
<br>Sex: Male
<br>Group: Rogue
<br>Occupation: Student
<br>Abilities: Disintegration
<br>Code name: Captain Awesome
<br>Face Claim: Lucas Till
<br>OOC Name: Yevie

</div></td><td width="240px" valign="top" height="150px"><div class="apovf">

<p>What normally sticks out the most about Ralphie, not counting his red tipped cane, is how energetic and talkative he is. Get him started and it’s hard to get him to shut up, especially when it’s something related to math, physics or heroes. He’s got a sunny and idealistic attitude that makes him seem almost childlike. </p>

<p>He’s also got a vivid imagination. Ralphie’s creative and loves to daydream or come up with weird ideas. (Like, using an office chair to drag someone along while on rollerblades or putting a fan by an open oven during the winter as a substitute heater.)</p>

<p>But, Ralphie’s a lot more closed off than he initially seems. He’ll keep his thoughts and emotions, especially the more negative ones, hidden. What he’s learned over the years is that no one doubts a person who they think is too innocent to lie. Not that Ralphie is manipulative or cruel. He just hates conflict and dark moments. </p>

<p>One of Ralphie’s biggest sore spots is his disability. While he’s long ago accepted that he won’t ever be able to see, he still finds himself irritated when people act like his blindness makes him helpless or broken. At times, that makes Ralphie overcompensate and ignore when his own struggles. And, while he hasn’t spoken to his father in over six years, he can still hear his father’s voice criticizing him when Ralphie admits he needs a little extra help.</p>

<p>Another way to rile up Ralphie is to threaten his family, in particular, his baby sister Kayla. Ralphie can be very protective of her and lately has found himself nervous about when her powers will show up. With the way things have been changing for Supers, and with his mother’s family recently contacting him, Ralphie worries that his sister will get caught up in a mess long before she’s ready to. </p>

<p>But, overall, Ralphie is a cheerful, friendly sort of guy with a lot of hope for a brighter tomorrow. </p>



<div class="aphist">

<p>When Francesca Holland met Isaac Maxwell, she thought he was the answer to all her problems. Isaac was a military man, handsome, charming and well put together. Francesca was a super from a family who used their hidden powers for organized crime. Isaac was her way out.</p>

<p>At eighteen, she ran away with him, hoping for her fairy tale ending. And it was near perfect. The one thing she needed to hide from him was her powers, which was easy. She never wanted to touch them again anyhow. </p>

<p>Things were blissful at the start. Soon after the wedding, Francesca was pregnant. Ralphie Maxwell was born seven months later, premature and blind. That was the first time Francesca saw Isaac get truly angry. He blamed Francesca, calling her irresponsible, among other less than kind things. His son was supposed to follow in his footsteps, but now, the boy would be a 'burden' forever. </p>

<p>Francesca was in tears, unsure of what to do. She couldn't go back to her family and she couldn't make it on her own. Without Isaac in her life, she had nothing. So, she took the words without a fight and promised herself that she'd protect her baby boy. </p>

<p>Ralphie's earliest years were colored by his mother's over protectiveness and his father's negligence. Isaac would barely look at the boy, and when he did, it was often a criticism. To compensate for that, Francesca did everything she could to support her son. </p>

<p>When Ralphie was five years old, Isaac demanded Francesca give him a 'proper' child. A year later, Ralphie's younger sister, Kayla, was born. Isaac was less than happy with the child being a girl, but at least the girl was 'whole.' </p>

<p>And, for a while, things were almost okay at the Maxwell household. Francesca would put on a smile, bake cookies and dote on her two children. Isaac would occasionally take the family out for a trip. Sometimes, he could even keep the criticisms to himself long enough that the trips wound up as good memories. Ralphie learned to smile and act oblivious. It was easier to live when he could pretend everything was wonderful.</p>

<p>But, things didn't stay okay forever. At twelve, Ralphie was listening to a book on his iPod and it disintegrated in his hands. Francesca started to panic. Isaac had said some less than kind things about Supers and she was certain that he would not be kind if he learned Ralphie was one. She was even surer he would not be kind to her if he learned she was one. Not to mention, Kayla could also develop powers. </p>

<p>So, Francesca did the only thing she could think of - she looked up her family again. What she found was that she was not the only one who had left. Her two younger siblings, Kane and Elaine, had left a few years after her. They seemed like the best people she could trust. So, she called them for help. </p>

<p>Francesca's two siblings flew from New York City to the small Texas town where Francesca was living. What followed was a mess that ended with a divorce, registration and the discovery that Kayla had the super genes. When Kane and Elaine flew back to New York, Francesca, Ralphie and Kayla flew with them. </p>

<p>Things were a mess for a couple of years after that. Kane and Elaine were far from rich, as Kane was a car mechanic and Elaine was a journalist. Francesca had never worked a job before and had a hard time finding one. And, finally away from the high stress environment of living with her ex-husband, Francesca crashed. The emotional burden of the previous years turned into a spiral of depression. Her siblings did what they could, both to help her and their niece and nephew. </p>

<p>Ralphie meanwhile was starting high school. All the rapid changes felt overwhelming, so Ralphie did what he did best; act confident and pretend that everything was great. His natural friendliness made it easy for him to fit in at school. After his first semester, Ralphie had friends to hang out with, was on the swim team and was doing pretty well in his classes. For the most part, Ralphie was happy. Even his powers, which at times were erratic, were easy enough to look past. He could finally start to believe that everything about his childhood no longer could touch him. </p>

<p>In the spring of 2015, Ralphie was accepted at NYU on scholarship.</p>

<p>What he hadn't expected was his mother's childhood to pop back in. One day, while coming home from university, Ralphie was pulled aside by a stranger. He didn't recognize the woman's voice, but she said she was a cousin of his mother and that Ralphie's grandfather would love a talk with him. </p>

<p>Ralphie didn't believe the woman, but before he could raise protests, she said that his grandfather would happily meet Ralphie on Ralphie's terms so long as Ralphie said nothing to his mother, aunt and uncle. But, if Ralphie did say anything or refused, then things wouldn't end well. </p>

<p>Given no choice, Ralphie agreed to meet his grandfather in a café near campus. The talk he wound up having was brief. Ralphie learned of the criminal past the adults in his life had kept from him. He learned that his mother's extended family had recently joined up with the Syndicate and that Ralphie’s grandfather wanted to bring Ralphie into the fold. </p>

<p>The conversation ended with Ralphie’s grandfather saying that Ralphie could have some time to think about it, and that he hoped Ralphie made the right choice. </p>

<p>Left with more questions than answers and a feeling of betrayal, Ralphie came home and didn't speak to anyone. He didn't know what would happen if he refused his grandfather. He didn't know if there was anything more his family had kept from him. Nothing made sense anymore. </p>

<p>But, the next morning, he once more had to get up, smile and pretend life was great. For now, he lives with the decision hanging over his head and the feeling that he knows very, very little. </p>

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