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December 31 2015

Two months ago The Syndicate had taken Brooklyn for themselves, through numbers and sheer force the superhumans had fought back against the police and other armed forces to solidify their ownership of the borough . The events of the rally were still fresh in the minds of many people, Cyllen bore scars from gunshot wounds and broken memories of having the bullets pulled out of his body. He had his superhuman ability of enhanced endurance to thank for his survival. Though another factor had kept him going that day, a promise he'd made to the mother of a superhuman who'd been put under his care. He'd promised to protect her and been shot wouldn't stop Cyllen from keeping that promise. Despite his pain Cyllen had got Emilia Rhine to a safe house of sorts, a basement hidden beneath an old butchers shop.
From the moment Cyllen had seen the guy making his way towards the bar he knew there was a look about him which meant he was going to be causing trouble that evening. His gut instinct made him want to turn the man away at the door, give some bullshit excuse about there been a private function which was taking up the whole bar, but there had been someone else working with him that night so Cyllen was forced to let the man go in. He should have trusted his gut, it had rarely being wrong and had helped him get out of some tricky situations more than once.

He was meant to stay on the door but the feeling that something was going to happen was there in the back of his mind. There were those who were not pleased with Brooklyn been taken over by The Syndicate, most people who were average humans left the borough. It naturally pissed people off but Cyllen never thought that anyone would be stupid enough to walk into a bar and cause a scene in retaliation.

"You freaks! I lost my home because of you!". The sound of a gunshot ripped through the bar. Thankfully the place was mostly empty since it was new years eve and people were already out at parties throughout New York. "Shit". Without a second thought Cyllen ran into the bar. Another shot was fired, nicking the top of his ear. The guy was waving the gun around, yelling about how he'd lost his home, how he was living in a motel room with his wife and two kids, about how the superhumans had ruined his life. Certainly not the stealthiest person Cyllen managed to sneak up behind the man, kick the man in the back of a knee and push the man to the ground putting a knee between the mans shoulders to keep him down. "Not all of us wanted this". A superhuman who could stop the man from moving so to restrain him came quickly, an ambulance had to be called, the first bullet which had been fired had hit a patron.

Afterwards the bar closed early. Cyllen had been invited to a party through a friend of an ex-girlfriend. The two hadn't ended their relationship on the best of terms but with little else to do Cyllen accepted the invitation and headed there after he'd been dismissed from work. At the party they saw each other but it took an hour for Odette to actually go to Cyllen and talk to him. It surprised Cyllen how easily they'd talked and she'd noticed the dried blood on his ear and neck, taken Cyllen to a bathroom and cleaned it off. Then something happened which Cyllen hadn't been expected. Odette kissed him, wrapped her arms around his neck and held herself close to him. They'd been together for over a year, she knew the ways to get Cyllen interested. Cyllen found himself kissing her back, his hands on her hips and back her up against the sink. For a moment their eyes met and in hers he didn't see his ex, in her eyes he saw someone else. "No, not you". He left Odette there in the bathroom and left the party. He needed to be in the open, needed fresh air.

The cold night air brought Cyllen to his senses. There was a place he could be alone, so he went to the roof of his apartment planning on watching the midnight fireworks, luckily the sky was mostly clear, only a small flurry of snow fluttering down. After an hour of sitting Cyllen took out of his phone, selecting the number of someone he wanted to spend time with. After a moment of hesitation he pressed the call button, and got voicemail. "Hi Mia, just wanted to see if you were busy, guess you are... Have a good night".
Sep 18 2015, 07:48 AM
Sep 17 2015, 09:51 PM
le fin ^^
Sep 15 2015, 03:02 PM

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