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 Posted: Dec 31 2015, 11:35 PM
© caity [she/her] // N/A
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20 years old
memory manipulation

bad girls that haven't been caught.
Basic Information::
Age: 20
Sex/ Gender: Female
Group: Rogue
Occupation: Student/Vlogger
Abilities (if a super): Memory Manipulation
Code name (if a super): Mindsweeper
Face Claim: Lucy Hale
OOC Name: Caity

On the surface Abby seems like just a silly, friendly, and fun-loving kind of girl. A good clean kind of fun though. She’s not much of a party girl. She prefers to have fun writing and singing silly songs, bike-riding, hanging out with friends, playing with her party, etc. She was raised Catholic so she does like to keep up that good girl image. Mostly because her family is a bit well-known in Boston. Also because she doesn’t want to disappoint her grandma. Although due to recent family drama her rebellious side is showing more and more. Still she enjoys doing volunteer work and participating in various charities, when she has time off from school work. She tries to be generous. It helps that she has the money to throw around.

She does like boys and occasionally flirting with them, but she keeps it mostly playful and innocent. She’s pretty closed off romantically though, plus she’s a bit weird about people touching her. If you get a chance to know Abby better you’ll see a slightly different side. She sometimes feels quite lonely, even though she has quite a few friends. Her particular power tends to make her feel isolated. She is also a lot more anxious than she lets on. She’s absolutely terrified of going crazy like her mother. So instead she puts on that brave face. She does occasionally have a temper though and if you insult her friends, or women in general she is real likely to go off on you.


TW: Sexual Assault

Abigail was born on a sunny January morning, the second child of Irene and James Brennen. Her older brother, Noah, was only 2 years old at the time. The Brennans were a fairly young couple, having married just out of college and getting right to settling down with children. They were also filthy rich. Irene came from a fairly wealthy family out of Boston and James was the heir to his family’s company, Brennan Incorporated. Abby’s childhood was fairly normal. Well normal for the the very rich of Boston Society. Which meant being mostly raised by the nanny while her dad worked and her mother did whatever rich “stay at home” mothers did when they weren’t at home. Plus she was in the best schools and involved in all sorts of activities. Gymnastics happened to be the one that stuck. Keeping their kids busy was another way the Brennans could justify ignoring their children.

Her mother tried harder than most though, but she was always a little bit flaky. Sometimes it was fun, her mom was spontaneous and would take them do things at the drop of the hat. Then the next day Mommy would disappear into the bedroom and not leave her bed for weeks on end. Noah was old enough to figure out that something might be up. Especially when his snooping led to the discovery of a bottle of lithium in her bedside table drawer. He tried to keep it from Abby but being the curious girl that she was, she figured it out eventually too. Mostly because she kept bugging Noah. She was pretty good at noticing when he was hiding something. Now, Abby didn’t know exactly what mentally ill or bipolar meant back at that young age. Besides, Noah was just suspicious. At least that’s what Abby held out hope for.

When Abby was eleven her mother had a not so accidental overdose on her pills, she was admitted to a very posh mental hospital out in the country. Abby had to start middle school with that news hanging above her head. Safe to say sixth grade was not a particularly fun year for her. As we all know, girls can be cruel and preteen girls can be the worst. Even her gymnastics friends could be mean sometimes. Not that it stopped Abby from sticking with the sport she loved. Also lucky for Abby she did make one friend with one of the eighth grade girls, Harper. They became quick friends, both being a bit on the odd side.

Unfortunately after that year Harper went off to boarding school and Abby had to stay to finish her last two years of junior high. Seventh grade was hard. Abby had a hard time making friends and the bullying began again. At least she had her brother to keep her company at home. It was during her middle school years that her brother started teaching her self-defense. He figured that she was getting older and he wanted her to be able to take down a boy who was bothering her. Plus it was a fun way to spend time with her brother.

It was after Abby turned thirteen that life started to get truly strange. She had been very innocently sitting in one of those beginning of school assemblies, not actually paying attention to it Because who really pays that much attention in those assemblies? She was doodling instead and her pen fell to the floor. When she reached to pick it up, her fingers brushed those of another girl. That was when she saw a flash of the girl’s memory. Which was a rather intense makeout session with a boy who was not her boyfriend. Abby immediately pulled her hand back, utterly shocked. So was the girl who stared at her. Neither of them said a thing, not wanting the other one to reveal their secret.

After that Abby just tried her best to control her power. She tried meditation, she was constantly on the internet looking up ways to help. The meditation helped a lot and breathing exercises. Plus trying not to touch people more that strictly necessary. She became a bit of loner during that last year of middle school but luckily by the time high school came around she was just another new girl in a freshman class full of new girls at St. Sofia’s School for Young Ladies. In high school she came out of her shell more, making some new friends helped with that. As did vlogging.

She was a very good student and after she graduated, with honors of course, she went on to start her freshman year of college at NYU. Everything was looking good for Abby. She had a great new group of friends and a bright future ahead of her. She was generally able to balance school, her social life and her vlogging just fine. She was going to get her degree in Cinematography, make a career of making videos and generally have a great life. She didn’t think anything could bring her down or get her off her path. Until one particular night.

It seemed like a normal night at first. Just another college party during her sophomore year. Abby was having a good time hanging out with her friends and indulging in just a little bit of alcohol. She didn’t realize the guy she had been flirting with, Liam, had slipped something extra into her drink. She had known him since they shared a dorm floor freshman year. She thought she could trust him. The next morning when she woke up in his bed half naked she realized how wrong she was. Thinking it was the right thing to do she immediately went to campus police. The investigation ended up being useless and charges were never filed.

Frustrated and ashamed Abby turned to martial arts classes and getting her marine brother to teach her some things when he was home on leave. She wanted to learn how to feel strong again and to maybe prevent something like that from happening to her again. Not only that but to protect others from the same thing. Well that started a little later when on her way home from a late class she helped save another student from a mugging. That was the last nudge she needed to become a vigilante. Now here she is student by day, masked vigilante by night. A bit cliche but she doesn’t mind.

 Posted: Jan 16 2016, 11:42 AM
© Meg [they/them] // N/A
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29 years old
Graphics Queen
Gwendoline Christie


Welcome to IN LIGHT OF SHADOW! and congratulations on your character! Don't forget to fill out the appropriate claims, start plotting, posting and having fun!

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